Video Conversions.
Ten Bucks.
Two Days.


All Work is Done On Premises.
Family owned and operated since 1985.
  • Setup charge per order $10.
  • Tapes to DVD  $10 each (each 2 hours max)
  • DVD to DVD  $10 each.
  • Repair Broken tapes  $10 each.
  • Cassettes to CD $10 per side.
  • Albums to CD $10.00 per side.
  • Optional - each song seperated - 1 dollar per song.

Mail Order Service - UPS or US mail:
  • Send us your video tapes.
  • Use a box big enough to return your tapes plus the discs.
  • Include ten dollars setup and ten dollars per tape. 
  • Include 10 dollars shipping, OR a pre-paid return shipping label from UPS.com or USPS.com
  • Provide your email address so we can contact you if needed.
Ship Tapes to:

Fine Art Video
222 S. US HWY 1 STE 208F
Tequesta, FL 33469

fineartvideo@gmail.comAll work is done on premises.